Lumi•Solair Classic

Classic pole by the waterfront in the Brooklyn Navy yard
Classic pole has multiple cloudy day performance, batteries that can operate in sub-zero temperatures and have a lifetime of 10 years or more. The energy management system connected to the batteries allows for optimum use of limited renewable energy resources to maximize performance in the harshest of environments.

•	Lighting:<br />
o	Light Lumens – 1,100 lumens / fixture<br />
o	Peak Foot Candle – 3.5<br />
o	Intelligent Dimming<br />
o	Dark Sky Certified<br />
•	Energy Management System:<br />
o	Lithium Iron Phosphate Storage – up to 10 year lifetime<br />
o	Charge Control<br />
o	4 day cloudy day performance @ NY Latitudes<br />
•	Solar (Photovoltaic)<br />
o	Mono-crystalline cells – 80w rated<br />
o	Manufactured in the US<br />
•	Structure:<br />
o	Manufactured in the US<br />
o	Composite material<br />
o	100% Recyclable<br />
o	Rated for winds up to 110 mph<br />

The classic pole eliminates the need for expensive underground wiring and saves $5000 per pole in trenching and wiring costs. Over the lifetime of the product there is a >50% saving in cost compared to grid connected lights.