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Telecom applications

Lumi•Solair's solar solution for telecom towers has been designed to produce a payback period less than three years in diesel and O&M savings. In addition, unlike competing solutions, it will not involve an ongoing battery replacement cost every two years. Lumi•Solair in partnership with TVS ICS and Ascend telecom, installed a trial solar telecom site in Boomipukkam in Tamil Nadu, India in July 2012. The site has a single tenant with a total grid downtime of 10 hours per day during weekdays and lower during weekends in four hour intervals. Occasionally the electrical grid on the site was down for 12 hours a day. Test data shown below shows negligible diesel generator usage in July and August after the solar system was installed.

Stress tests of the system included shutting down all backup power and the grid thus running the site completely on solar power during a cloudy day. Results showed that the Lumi•Solair system had >65% battery capacity remaining on the lithium iron phosphate system and 100% on the lead acid back up after 5 hours. The run was continued into the night and demonstrated that the system could easily power the site for 15 hours straight even in cloudy weather. Compared to other competing solutions using data collected from product trials by Ascend telecom the competitors' best case performance was 7.91 hours from a previous 12 hours clearly showing the significantly inferior solution.