About Us

Lumi•Solair is a New York-based company that specializes in off-grid renewable products. The company was founded by Mr. Baldev Duggal to foster innovation in the clean tech industry. Lumi•Solair’s lighting products eliminate the need for underground wiring to produce significant cost savings compared with traditional grid connected lamp posts.

Baldev Duggal, Founder

Mr. Baldev Duggal, founder and CEO of Lumi•Solair has already achieved global recognition for his graphics and imaging company Duggal Visual Solutions. Founded four decades ago, Duggal Visual Solutions’ client list includes several fortune 500 brands and leads the market in graphics creation, retouching, and production. Mr. Duggal has personally received several awards for his pioneering work including the Ernst and Young award for Entrepreneur of the Year and the “Photo Imager of the Year”. Baldev Duggal is a visionary who has created and grown more than one multi-million dollar company from the ground up. Today he is applying his passion and efforts towards innovations in clean technology including launching a sustainability showcase building at the Brooklyn Navy Yard called the Duggal Greenhouse.

Gerard Gorman, President & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Gerard Gorman is responsible for overseeing the business development, financing, and management processes at Lumi•Solair. Dr. Gorman has led, several large privately held and publicly traded companies, including holding the role of President and CEO of General Electric’s Environmental Engineering Systems (GEESI) company, President of Magnatek, a $1.2bn corporation and CEO of Karp Associates. He has lived and worked in Africa, Europe, Pakistan, South Korea, and China. Dr. Gorman has also served as the Vice Chairman of the US Environmental Technology Export Council in Washington DC and currently serves as Entrepreneur in Residence for NY State Energy Development Administration, Manufacturer in Residence for the Industrial and Technology Assistance Corporation and Industry Specialist for the NYC Small Business Solutions. He also holds an M.B.A. from NYU’s Stern School of Business and has conducted research at the Tokamak reactor at Princeton University.

Abinand Rangesh, Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Abinand Rangesh is responsible for overseeing the technological development and R&D of the LumiSolair and ancillary products such as the media pole. Prior to joining LumiSolair, Dr. Rangesh was the Technology Director of LumiSigns, a global marketing products and renewable energy company. He was a founding member and was responsible for successfully developing new products and subsidiary businesses including a computer vision based face detection camera to measure the demographics of signboard viewers and a franchise based mobile coupon company. Dr. Rangesh earned both his Ph.D. and undergraduate degrees in engineering from the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. During this time he has published multiple scientific articles in peer reviewed journals, filed patents and been short-listed for the prestigious Armorers and Braziers Venture prize – for outstanding commercial research in materials science – for his work in additive manufacturing.